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Ilanit Ofir-Eilat

Ilanit Ofir-Eilat is a graduate of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, holds a BA in the History of Arts from Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of the Internal Design

Course at the Haifa Technion´s  branch in Tel Aviv.

Her design career began with her employment as an interior designer and planner at the office of the architect Yoav Messer in Tel  Aviv , where  she worked on a large number of projects in a wide range of fields.

For the last decade, Ilanit Ofir-Eilat has worked as an independent interior designer and planner, involved with dozens of projects in the private, commercial and public sectots.


On a personal note:

I give my personal commitment to accompany the client from the initial idea stage until the work is completed in the best possible way. I provide the balance between the latest fashion and trends and the need to achieve an esthetic, functional result, which will look good for many years and will express the client’s intentions when undertaking the project.


This work entails:

  • The preparation of design alternatives.

  • Preparation of the work plans for project execution.

  • Collation of price quotations and conducting negotiations with competent suppliers.

  • Supervision of professional services and the work on site.

  • Compliance with timetable and budgets.


These  tasks are completed in full, constructive cooperation with the client’s dreams, requirements and wishes, through the creation of unique work with clean lines that functions efficiently and aesthetically pleasing.

To schedule a consultation meeting call 052-3309430

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